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What Are The 7 Core Areas Of Human Resource

✅ Manpower Planning and Job Analysis: Figuring out how many people are needed for different jobs and what skills they should have.
✅ Recruitment and Selection: Finding the right people for the job by advertising positions, interviewing candidates, and choosing the best ones.
✅ Training and Development: Helping employees learn new skills or improve existing ones through workshops, courses, and on-the-job training.
✅ Performance Management System: Setting goals for employees, giving feedback on how they're doing, and figuring out ways to help them improve.
✅ Employee Engagement and HR Branding: Making sure employees feel happy and connected to their work, and promoting the company as a great place to work.
✅ HR Analytics: Using data to understand things like employee turnover, productivity, and performance to make better decisions.
✅ Business Communication: Making sure everyone in the company knows what's going on by sharing information clearly and effectively.

Benefits Of Pursuing A Career In Human Resource

Make a Difference:
Shape company culture and boost employee engagement, driving success at every level.
Diverse Pathways:
Explore a variety of roles including recruitment, training, and strategic management, tailoring your career to your passions.
People-First Focus:
Enjoy working with people? HR is all about empowering individuals to reach their full potential, making every day rewarding.
Lifelong Learning:
Stay ahead of the curve with ongoing training and development, always evolving in this dynamic field.
Strategic Influence:
Have a say in the big decisions! HR leaders are valued advisors, shaping the future of the organization.
Stability Guaranteed:
HR is essential in every industry, offering secure job prospects and room to grow.
Create a Positive Environment:
Build inclusive workplaces, resolve conflicts, and foster collaboration, making work feel like home.

My Story


Human Resource Master | 10 Years Of Experience

“ Meet Our Expert Trainer: With over 10 years of experience as a Human Resource Master, our trainer is well-versed in key HR areas such as Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Training, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, HR Branding, Analytics, and Business Communication. Their industry expertise and proven track record ensure you'll gain practical insights and valuable knowledge to excel in your HR career. Join our webinar led by this seasoned professional for a transformative learning experience."

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Only at ₹99/-

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